The Art Of Ken Holland-Benton  Ky

( Hobbies) Playing the bagpipes,
fishing, gardening, and speaking 
     I hope you enjoy my original oil
paintings, and limited edition prints.
    All the credit for my talent goes to
the Lord, and  you will find scriptures     from the Bible hidden in the prints.          My own poems and writings
are included .
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                       Thank You  
             1062  Slaughter Road
              Benton  Ky  42025       


 In travels and lectures, I have been asked
once, I have been asked a thousand times about the tiny mouse that appears in the corner of all my paintings and prints.
    I created the mouse in the corner of my 
drawings when I was a small boy. The question mark over his head indicates he was trying to figure out what I was drawing
    Later in life I became a sign painter and for fun painted the mouse with my name at the bottom of my signs. After a few years I decided to drop the little mouse, but my customers refused to pay me until he appeared on the sign. 
     Many years ago I began to paint serious art, and the little mouse moved up in society. Once again I tried to drop the mouse, without success for as my fame grew, so grew the little mouse. It has now become a well know trademark on all of my paintings and prints.
                                       Best WIshes Ken
Painting the scarecrow, (contented)
While wintering in Florida.
.In my younger days, with my original oil painting,
Finally retired ! Not for long, still very busy.