This print is the only print I did of Florida. It is done in extreme detail,and the
only hairs I left off of the bear and the boar are on the back side ! The picture
you see does not do it justice. It's $100.00 , plus $10.00 S&H. size is 22X30
The original oil painting is much larger and is for sale for $5000.00 .
Down Wind

A sound in the silence
This is an original oil painting I did a few years ago.
I like the fall setting, and of coarse ,the deer. We see
a lot of them here at our home. I never tire of them.
This painting is 24X36 and priced at $5000.00 plus
$25.00 S&H.
Canadian  Spring
This print was made many
years ago. Mint condition
as always. It is 16X20,
Priced at $300.00 plus
$10.00 S&H .A lovely

Any one who likes wildlife will love this
print .It's 12X24. A really good size , in
mint condition. $300.00 plus $10.00 SXH
The Art Of Ken Holland

Call of an elk
This is one of my better
paintings,in a very old
carved frame.
It is 18x24, $2000.00
plus $25.00 S&H.